How to participate in our «ERA Verde Community»

Cómo participar de nuestra “Comunidad ERA Verde”


Those who want to be informed of updates to our publications will be able to receive notifications instantly through our Telegram channel. It is absolutely free and you only need to have this free messaging application installed on your mobile phone.

This modality is designed to be able to open a communication link with our users, through which we can exchange information, let us know about their interests, express their opinion and proposals that allow us to improve day by day.

We invite you to subscribe to our channel at:


This proposal is designed for those who can have a monthly fee for an optional period between 3 and 6 months, after which it can be renewed voluntarily.

The amount of this contribution will be used, in part, to finance proposals designed especially for the partners to which they will be able to access or participate. They will consist of activities, raffles, discounts for products and services or some surprise designed for this community, which we will renew and share in a timely manner.

Another part of the contributions will be used to support the operating costs of this «counterpart» system and will add income to support ERA Verde as a means of communication.

The modality of the member’s contribution will be through a Mercado Pago link that generates an automatic debit to the credit or debit card for the period chosen (3 or 6 months), after which the member will have the option open to discontinue, suspend or renew the debit when you decide.

To join, you must send an email with your name and telephone number to:

Access to the subscription as an associate through automatic debit can be done at the following links in Mercado Pago, for an amount of 1,000 argentine pesos per month (4.5 US dollars).

Debit option for 3 months:


Debit option for 6 months:



Donors may be anyone who wishes to make economic contributions freely, flexibly and voluntarily. It is a modality open to the criteria of each contributor. These incomes are intended to be a mere financial support for our communication project.

For some time now, the information and entertainment media have been undergoing a profound transformation, as a result of the change in the business model that is pushing the increasing incorporation of the Internet into social communication. In order to face the challenges imposed by these trends, we aim to generate alternatives and proposals that allow us to sustain ourselves, while keeping an eye on the production of content with rigor and informative quality.

Donations can be made through

Wire transfer: Banco Galicia
CBU: 0070080130004051336906

Transfer by Mercado Pago:
CVU: 0000003100040341121019

Transfer in Cryptocurrencies:
By platform Lemon al lemond tag: $eraverde
Red Binance: 0x9348b6529d32c9565c44d0a81fd416157ec775d6

To communicate with ERA Verde: